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Our Home Based Bakery...

… started in October of 2013. It was my dream come true. My husband, Michael, encouraged me to find a job that I loved. After taking a few months off from the real world of insurance claims, I came to realize that my hobby for baking could be so much more.

I've been baking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, anything sweet since I can remember. I found a recipe years ago that called for a chocolate cookie crust. It was one of the best cupcakes that I ever made. I loved that there were so many layers of flavor. Now I try to incorporate that layering into all of my desserts.

Our specialty cupcakes are designed with a sweet crust, moist cake, flavorful filling, yummy frosting and a delicious topping. This is what sets us apart from other cupcakes.

We are a home based business operating under the Cottage Law in Westchester, CA. We can deliver locally and we are set up at the Westchester Farmers Market on Wednesday mornings. We hope you are able to sample some of our fresh and delicious cupcakes and we look forward to providing you with a delicious dessert soon.

~Andrea Phillips
​Owner & Baker